Welcome to the AlleyCat Angels of Texas web site.

AlleyCat Angels of Texas is committed to compassionately improving the quality of life for Fort Worth area homeless and unwanted felines by providing foster homes, finding lifelong adoptive homes, assisting and educating the community, preventing the spread of disease, and controlling overpopulation.

"There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat." -- Tay Hohoff

Empty Nest? Fill it with fur!

Does your sofa lack a daily deposit of fur? Does your hallway lack the pitter patter of tiny furry feet? AlleyCat Angels of Texas is looking for a few good foster homes (okay maybe more than a few). We can only take in and care for cats while we have adequate space and volunteers to care for the cats. We do not have a physical shelter and rely solely on the time, effort, and space that our volunteers have in their homes. If you would like to help one of so many cats that needs a temporary way station on their way to a forever home please contact us about volunteering as a foster.

Volunteer Applications are available here